Journal of Glaciology

Journal Abbreviation: J GLACIOL
ISSN: 0022-1430
Publisher: International Glaciological Society

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Journal issue: 224, Volume: 60, Pages range: 1155-1168
Modelling the evolution of Vadret da Morteratsch, Switzerland, since the Little Ice Age and into the future (2014)
Zekollari H, Fürst J, Huybrechts P

Journal issue: 215, Volume: 59, Pages range: 410-422
Grounding-line migration in plan-view marine ice-sheet models: results of the ice2sea MISMIP3d intercomparison (2013)
Pattyn F, Perichon L, Durand G, et al.

Journal issue: 216, Volume: 59, Pages range: 733-749
Sensitivity of Greenland ice sheet projections to model formulations (2013)
Goelzer H, Fürst J, Huybrechts P, et al.

Journal issue: 212, Volume: 58, Pages range: 1151-1164
Using surface velocities to calculate ice thickness and bed topography: A case study at Columbia Glacier, Alaska, USA (2012)
McNabb R, Hock R, O'Neel S, et al.

Volume: 188, Pages range: 943-944
Wilkins Ice Shelf break-up along failure zones (2008)
Braun M, Humbert A

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