International Journal of Thermophysics

Abkürzung der Fachzeitschrift: INT J THERMOPHYS
ISSN: 0195-928X
Verlag: Springer Verlag (Germany)


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Heftnummer: 11, Band: 38
A Simple Prediction Method for the Surface Tension of Ionic Liquids as a Function of Temperature (2017)
Koller TM, Steininger C, Rausch MH, et al.

Heftnummer: 10-11, Band: 36, Seitenbereich: 3169-3185
Binary Diffusion Coefficient Data of Various Gas Systems Determined Using a Loschmidt Cell and Holographic Interferometry (2015)
Kugler T, Rausch MH, Fröba AP

Heftnummer: 10-11, Band: 36, Seitenbereich: 3116-3132
Systematic Study of Mass Transfer in a Loschmidt Cell for Binary Gas Mixtures (2015)
Kugler T, Jäger B, Bich E, et al.

Band: 33, Seitenbereich: 396-411
Thermophysical Properties of the Refrigerant Mixtures R417A and R417B from Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) (2012)
Heller A, Rausch MH, Flohr F, et al.

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