International Journal of Biomedical Imaging

ISSN: 1687-4196


Heftnummer: 6028645, Band: 2017, Seitenbereich: 18
Intraoperative Imaging Modalities and Compensation for Brain Shift in Tumor Resection Surgery (2017)
Bayer S, Maier A, Fahrig R, et al.

Band: 2016
Contrast-based 3D/2D registration of the left atrium: Fast versus consistent (2016)
Hoffmann M, Kowalewski C, Maier A, et al.

Band: 2016, Seitenbereich: 2502486:1-15
Kinect-Based Correction of Overexposure Artifacts in Knee Imaging with C-Arm CT Systems (2016)
Rausch J, Maier A, Fahrig R, et al.

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