Materials Letters

ISSN: 1873-4979


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Volume: 200, Pages range: 105-108
Proving the role of boron in the structure of fly-ash/borosilicate glass based geopolymers (2017)
Taveri G, Toušek J, Bernardo E, et al.

Volume: 199, Pages range: 143-146
Soy protein meets bioactive glass: Electrospun composite fibers for tissue engineering applications (2017)
Tansaz S, Liverani L, Vester L, et al.

Volume: 185, Pages range: 47-49
Quantifying eigenstrain distributions induced by focused ion beam damage in silicon (2016)
Korsunsky A, Guenole J, Salvati E, et al.

Volume: 158, Pages range: 313-316
Bilayered bioactive glass scaffolds incorporating fibrous morphology by flock technology (2015)
Balasubramanian P, Boccaccini AR

Volume: 158, Pages range: 66-69
Preparation and characterization of electrosprayed daidzein-loaded PHBV microspheres (2015)
Scheithauer EC, Li W, Ding Y, et al.

Volume: 143, Pages range: 298-301
Process development for the manufacturing of 99.94% pure copper via selective electron beam melting (2015)
Lodes M, Guschlbauer R, Körner C

Volume: 156, Pages range: 180-182
Zoledronic acid impregnated and poly (L-lactic acid) coated 45S5 Bioglass®-based scaffolds (2015)
Locs J, Li W, Sokolova M, et al.

Volume: 130, Pages range: 164-167
Fabrication of gold-nanoshell/polycaprolactonecomposite films with high electrical conductivity (2014)
Naseri S, Diba M, Golkar S, et al.

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