Nature Climate Change

ISSN: 1758-678X
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group


Journal issue: 2, Volume: 9, Pages range: 130-+
Constraining glacier elevation and mass changes in South America (2019)
Braun M, Malz P, Sommer C, et al.

Volume: 6, Pages range: doi:10.1038/nclimate2769
Climate velocity and the future global redistribution of marine biodiversity (2016)
Molinos JG, Halpern BS, Schoeman DS, et al.

The safety band of Antarctic ice shelves (2016)
Fürst JJ, Durand G, Gillet-Chaulet F, et al.

Volume: 3, Pages range: 919-925
Global imprint of climate change on marine life (2013)
Kießling W, Poloczanska ES, Brown CJ, et al.

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