Scripta Materialia

Journal Abbreviation: SCRIPTA MATER
ISSN: 1359-6462
Publisher: Elsevier


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Volume: 163, Pages range: 86-90
Pressure induced local phase transformation in nanocrystalline tetragonal zirconia microparticles (2019)
Schwenger J, Romeis S, Herre P, et al.

Volume: 142, Pages range: 129-132
Double minimum creep in the rafting regime of a single-crystal Co-base superalloy (2018)
Xue F, Zenk C, Freund L, et al.

Pages range: 62-66
Elemental segregation to antiphase boundaries in a crept CoNi-based single crystal superalloy (2018)
Makineni SK, Lenz M, Neumeier S, et al.

Volume: 136, Pages range: 115-119
Absence of toughening behavior in 0.94(Na1/2Bi1/2)TiO3-0.06BaTiO(3) relaxor ceramic (2017)
Voegler M, Daniels JE, Webber K, et al.

Volume: 123, Pages range: 105-108
Grain size stability in Al-Sc alloys processed by severe plastic deformation (2016)
Eder K, Felfer P, Ferry M, et al.

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