BMC Research Notes

ISSN: 1756-0500
Publisher: BioMed Central


Journal issue: 1, Volume: 12
Proteomics of Bordetella pertussis whole-cell and acellular vaccines (2019)
Möller J, Kraner M, Burkovski A

Volume: 10, Pages range: 212
Characterisation of Roseomonas mucosa isolated from the root canal of an infected tooth (2017)
Diesendorf N, Köhler S, Geißdörfer W, et al.

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 9, Pages range: 489
Semiautomatic segmentation of the kidney in magnetic resonance images using unimodal thresholding (2016)
Sandmair M, Hammon M, Seuss H, et al.

Volume: 7, Pages range: 948
Demyelinating disease and anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor immunoglobulin G antibodies: a case report (2014)
Waschbisch A, Kallmünzer B, Schwab S, et al.

Volume: 6, Pages range: 482
The GlnR-dependent nitrogen regulatory network of Mycobacterium smegmatis (2013)
Jeßberger N, Lu Y, Amon J, et al.

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