Ecological Indicators

Journal Abbreviation: ECOL INDIC
ISSN: 1470-160X
Publisher: Elsevier


Volume: 85, Pages range: 983-990
Remotely sensed spatial heterogeneity as an exploratory tool for taxonomic and functional diversity studies. (2018)
Rocchini D, Bacaro G, Chirici G, et al.

Volume: 78, Pages range: 8-18
Modelling biomass of mountainous grasslands by including a species composition map (2017)
Magiera A, Feilhauer H, Waldhardt R, et al.

Volume: 73, Pages range: 825-833
Optical trait indicators for remote sensing of plant species composition: predictive power and seasonal variability (2017)
Feilhauer H, Somers B, van der Linden S

Volume: 70, Pages range: 317-339
Linking earth observation and taxonomic, structural and functional biodiversity: local to ecosystem perspectives (2016)
Lausch A, Bannehr L, Beckmann M, et al.

Volume: 41, Pages range: 79-86
A comprehensive wealth index for cities in Germany (2014)
Dovern J, Quaas MF, Rickels W

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