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Heftnummer: 1, Band: 9, Seitenbereich: 12990-
18F-labelled triazolyl-linked argininamides targeting the neuropeptide Y Y1R for PET imaging of mammary carcinoma (2019)
Maschauer S, Ott J, Bernhardt G, et al.

Band: 9
A 3-D Projection Model for X-ray Dark-field Imaging (2019)
Felsner L, Hu S, Maier A, et al.

Heftnummer: 1, Band: 9, Seitenbereich: 12956-
Alginates along the filament of the brown alga Ectocarpus help cells cope with stress (2019)
Rabillé H, Torode TA, Tesson B, et al.

Band: 9
An efficient Terahertz rectifier on the graphene/SiC materials platform (2019)
Schlecht MT, Malzer S, Preu S, et al.

Band: 9
Anoctamin-4 is a bona fide Ca2+-dependent non-selective cation channel (2019)
Reichhart N, Schoeberl S, Keckeis S, et al.

Heftnummer: 1, Band: 9
A unified multi-kingdom Golden Gate cloning platform (2019)
Chiasson D, Giménez-Oya V, Bircheneder M, et al.

Heftnummer: 1, Band: 9
Autotaxin activity predicts transplant-free survival in primary sclerosing cholangitis (2019)
Dhillon AK, Kremer A, Kummen M, et al.

Band: 9
Belief of agency changes dynamics in sensorimotor networks (2019)
Buchholz VN, David N, Sengelmann M, et al.

Heftnummer: 1, Band: 9, Seitenbereich: 7919-
Clinical courses and complications of young adults with Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease (ARPKD) (2019)
Burgmaier K, Kilian S, Bammens B, et al.

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