International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education

ISSN: 1038-2046
Verlag: Taylor & Francis


Heftnummer: 3, Band: 24, Seitenbereich: 273-285
Analysis of Posibilities if Discussing Questions of Global Justice in Geography Classes (2015)
Applis S

Heftnummer: 2, Band: 22, Seitenbereich: 97-108
Digital geo-data traces - new challenges for geographic education (2013)
Glasze G, Michel B, Höhnle S, et al.

Heftnummer: 3, Band: 22, Seitenbereich: 226-240
What are the constraints to GIS usage? Selected results of a teacher survey about constraints in the school context (2013)
Höhnle S, Schubert JC, Uphues R

Heftnummer: 4, Band: 18, Seitenbereich: 275-286
Learning with Geoinformation in German Schools. Systematic Integration with a GI(S) Competency Model (2009)
Schubert JC, Uphues R

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