Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Abkürzung der Fachzeitschrift: EARTH PLANET SC LETT
ISSN: 0012-821X
Verlag: Elsevier


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Band: 518, Seitenbereich: 211-222
Ammonium ocean following the end-Permian mass extinction (2019)
Sun Y, Zulla MJ, Joachimski M, et al.

Band: 506, Seitenbereich: 455-465
Temperature signals in tree-ring oxygen isotope series from the northern slope of the Himalaya (2019)
Huang R, Zhu H, Liang E, et al.

Band: 444, Seitenbereich: 88-100
Climate warming, euxinia and carbon isotope perturbations during the Carnian (Triassic) Crisis in South China (2016)
Sun Y, Wignall PB, Joachimski M, et al.

Band: 440, Seitenbereich: 43-55
Tectonic focusing of voluminous basaltic eruptions in magma-deficient backarc rifts (2016)
Anderson M, Hannington M, Haase K, et al.

Seitenbereich: 380-382
Reply on Comment by Longinelli (2013) on a revised phosphate-water fractionation equation (2013)
Puceat E, Joachimski M, Bouilloux A, et al.

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