Clinical Nutrition

Journal Abbreviation: CLIN NUTR
ISSN: 0261-5614
Publisher: Elsevier


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Journal issue: 2, Volume: 38, Pages range: 697-707
Influence of low FODMAP and gluten-free diets on disease activity and intestinal microbiota in patients with non-celiac gluten sensitivity (2019)
Dieterich W, Schuppan D, Schink M, et al.

ESPEN guideline on clinical nutrition and hydration in geriatrics (2018)
Volkert D, Beck AM, Cederholm T, et al.

Journal issue: 4, Volume: 37, Pages range: 1354-1359
Risk factors of refeeding syndrome in malnourished older hospitalized patients (2018)
Pourhassan M, Cuvelier I, Gehrke I, et al.

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 37, Pages range: 551-557
Sufficient levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and protein intake required to increase muscle mass in sarcopenic older adults - The PROVIDE study (2018)
Verlaan S, Maier AB, Bauer JM, et al.

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 36, Pages range: 49-64
ESPEN guidelines on definitions and terminology of clinical nutrition (2017)
Cederholm T, Barazzoni R, Austin P, et al.

Journal issue: 5, Volume: 36, Pages range: 1207-1214
nutritionDay: 10 years of growth (2017)
Schindler K, Pichard C, Sulz I, et al.

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