Chemical Engineering Science

Journal Abbreviation: CHEM ENG SCI
ISSN: 0009-2509
Publisher: Elsevier


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Volume: 176, Pages range: 192-204
Dynamic capillary phenomena using Incompressible SPH (2017)
Nair P, Pöschel T

Volume: 167, Pages range: 154-160
Freezing kinetics of vacuum-induced surface directional freezing in a glass vial (2017)
Großberger S, Fey T, Lee G

Volume: 163, Pages range: 105-113
The lag between micro- and macro-mixing in compressed fluid flows (2017)
Bassing D, Bräuer A

Volume: 156, Pages range: 1-10
Optimized polybutylene terephthalate powders for selective laser beam melting (2016)
Schmidt J, Sachs M, Fanselow S, et al.

Volume: 141, Pages range: 282-292
Production of spherical wax and polyolefin microparticles by melt emulsification for additive manufacturing (2016)
Fanselow S, Emamjomeh SE, Wirth KE, et al.

Volume: 138, Pages range: 385-395
Production of well dispersible single walled carbon nanotubes via a "floating catalyst"-method (2015)
Toni F, Xing H, Walter J, et al.

Volume: 138, Pages range: 118-127
Qualitative and quantitative insights into multiphase flow in ceramic sponges using X-ray computed tomography (2015)
Wallenstein M, Hafen N, Heinzmann H, et al.

Volume: 115, Pages range: 58-68
Model-based prediction of optimal conditions for 1-octene hydroformylation (2014)
Hentschel B, Peschel A, Xie M, et al.

Journal issue: 0, Volume: 109, Pages range: 158--170
Multi-component and multi-phase population balance model: The case of Georgeite formation as methanol catalyst precursor phase (2014)
Hartig MAJ, Jacobsen N, Peukert W

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