Chemical Engineering Science

Journal Abbreviation: CHEM ENG SCI
ISSN: 0009-2509
Publisher: Elsevier


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Volume: 206, Pages range: 327-334
Single-step aerosol synthesis of oxygen-deficient blue titania (2019)
Domaschke M, Strunz L, Peukert W

Volume: 175, Pages range: 405-415
Optimal reactor design and operation taking catalyst deactivation into account (2018)
Xie M, Freund H

Volume: 192, Pages range: 254-263
The effect of mixing on silver particle morphology in flow synthesis (2018)
Yang T, Segets D, Thajudeen T, et al.

Volume: 171, Pages range: 495-499
A new analytical approximation to the extended Brinkman equation (2017)
Maußner J, Pietschak A, Freund H

Volume: 176, Pages range: 192-204
Dynamic capillary phenomena using Incompressible SPH (2017)
Nair P, Pöschel T

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