Fluid Phase Equilibria

Journal Abbreviation: FLUID PHASE EQUILIBR
ISSN: 0378-3812
Publisher: Elsevier


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Pages range: 96-102
Probability density distribution in the prediction of reaction equilibria (2017)
Westermeyer M, Müller K

Volume: 435, Pages range: 118–130
Stabilized density gradient theory algorithm for modeling interfacial properties of pure and mixed systems (2017)
Mu X, Frank F, Alpak FO, et al.

Volume: 366, Pages range: 136-140-140
The seventh industrial fluid properties simulation challenge. (2014)
Ross RB, Ahmad R, Brennan JK, et al.

Volume: 360, Pages range: 265-273
A Raman spectroscopic method for determining vapour liquid equilibria (2013)
Adami R, Schuster J, Liparoti S, et al.

Volume: 334, Pages range: 37-42
Prediction of phase equilibria in systems containing large flexible molecules using COSMO-RS: State-of-the-problem (2012)
Mokrushina L, Yamin P, Sponsel E, et al.

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 297, Pages range: 23-33
Equation of state for aqueous electrolyte systems based on the semirestricted non-primitive mean spherical approximation (2010)
Herzog S, Gross J, Arlt W

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 260, Pages range: 29-35
Selection of entrainers in the 1-hexene/n-hexane system with a limited solubility (2007)
Lei Z, Arlt W, Wasserscheid P

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