Journal Abbreviation: CELL
ISSN: 0092-8674
Publisher: Elsevier (Cell Press)


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Journal issue: 2, Volume: 175, Pages range: 458-471.e19
Neurons under T Cell Attack Coordinate Phagocyte-Mediated Synaptic Stripping (2018)
Di Liberto G, Pantelyushin S, Kreutzfeldt M, et al.

Journal issue: 6, Volume: 171, Pages range: 1284-1300.e21
Epigenetic Therapy Ties MYC Depletion to Reversing Immune Evasion and Treating Lung Cancer (2017)
Topper MJ, Vaz M, Chiappinelli KB, et al.

Journal issue: 4, Volume: 166, Pages range: 991-1003
Immune Monitoring of Trans-endothelial Transport by Kidney-Resident Macrophages (2016)
Stamatiades EG, Tremblay ME, Bohm M, et al.

Journal issue: 4, Volume: 163, Pages range: 781-2
Cardiomyocyte Cell-Cycle Activity during Preadolescence (2015)
Soonpaa MH, Zebrowski D, Platt C, et al.

Journal issue: 5, Volume: 162, Pages range: 974-86
Inhibiting DNA Methylation Causes an Interferon Response in Cancer via dsRNA Including Endogenous Retroviruses (2015)
Chiappinelli KB, Strissel P, Desrichard A, et al.

Journal issue: 3, Volume: 157, Pages range: 651-63
CLP1 founder mutation links tRNA splicing and maturation to cerebellar development and neurodegeneration (2014)
Schaffer AE, Eggens VRC, Caglayan AO, et al.

Journal issue: 3, Volume: 157, Pages range: 636-50
Human CLP1 mutations alter tRNA biogenesis, affecting both peripheral and central nervous system function (2014)
Karaca E, Weitzer S, Pehlivan D, et al.

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 108, Pages range: 9-12
The plant cytoskeleton: Vacuoles and cell walls make the difference (2002)
Kost B, Chua NH

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 102, Pages range: 127-129
Mergers and acquisitions: Unequal partnerships in Drosophila myoblast fusion (2000)
Frasch M, Leptin M

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