Frontiers in Immunology

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Band: 7, Seitenbereich: 557
Oxidative Burst-Dependent NETosis Is Implicated in the Resolution of Necrosis-Associated Sterile Inflammation (2016)
Biermann MHC, Podolska M, Knopf J, et al.

Band: 6, Seitenbereich: 139
Apoptotic cell clearance and its role in the origin and resolution of chronic inflammation (2015)
Munoz LE, Berens C, Lauber K, et al.

Band: 6, Seitenbereich: 588
Molecular and Translational Classifications of DAMPs in Immunogenic Cell Death (2015)
Garg AD, Galluzzi L, Apetoh L, et al.

Band: 6, Seitenbereich: 583
NK Cell Subgroups, Phenotype, and Functions After Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation (2015)
Jacobs B, Tognarelli S, Poller K, et al.

Band: 5, Seitenbereich: 212
Tumor immunotherapy: lessons from autoimmunity (2014)
Maueröder C, Munoz Becerra LE, Chaurio Gonzalez R, et al.

Band: 5, Seitenbereich: 50
TWEAK-Fn14 Cytokine-Receptor Axis: A New Player of Myocardial Remodeling and Cardiac Failure (2014)
Novoyatleva T, Sajjad A, Engel F

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