Ore Geology Reviews

Journal Abbreviation: ORE GEOL REV
ISSN: 0169-1368
Publisher: Elsevier


Volume: 107, Pages range: 654-691
Porphyry and epithermal deposits in Greece: An overview, new discoveries, and mineralogical constraints on their genesis (2019)
Voudouris P, Mavrogonatos C, Spry PG, et al.

Volume: 86, Pages range: 537-547
Precambrian gold mineralization at Djamgyr in the Kyrgyz Tien Shan: Tectonic and metallogenic implications (2017)
Konopelko D, Klemd R, Petrov S, et al.

Volume: 72, Pages range: 728-745
Trace element systematics of pyrite from submarine hydrothermal vents (2016)
Keith M, Häckel F, Haase K, et al.

Volume: 61, Pages range: 248-267
The Jabali nonsilfide Zn-Pb-Ag deposit, Western Yemen. (2014)
Mondillo N, Boni M, Balassone G, et al.

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