Surface & Coatings Technology

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ISSN: 0257-8972
Verlag: Elsevier


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Band: 335, Seitenbereich: 148-158
In-vitro study of the bioactivity and cytotoxicity response of Ti surfaces modified by Nb and Mo diffusion treatments (2018)
Urena JM, Tsipas SA, Jimenez-Morales A, et al.

Band: 289, Seitenbereich: 69-74
Mechanical characterization of metallic thin films by bulge and scratch testing (2016)
Javed H, Merle B, Preiß E, et al.

Band: 276, Seitenbereich: 360-367
Isothermal aging of a γ′-strengthened Co-Al-W alloy coated with vacuum plasma-sprayed MCrAlY bond coats (2015)
Terberger PJ, Sebold D, Webler R, et al.

Band: 264, Seitenbereich: 132-139
Surface functionalization of Bioglass® with alkaline phosphatase (2015)
Verne E, Ferraris S, Cassinelli C, et al.

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