Acta Materialia

Journal Abbreviation: ACTA MATER
ISSN: 1359-6454
Publisher: Elsevier


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Volume: 137, Pages range: 36-44
Morphology evolution of Ti3AlC carbide precipitates in high Nb containing TiAl alloys (2017)
Wang L, Zenk C, Stark A, et al.

Volume: 137, Pages range: 54-63
On the temperature dependent strengthening of nickel by transition metal solutes (2017)
Rehman HU, Burst K, Neumeier S, et al.

Volume: 123, Pages range: 295-304
Segregation assisted microtwinning during creep of a polycrystalline L1(2)-hardened Co-base superalloy (2017)
Freund L, Messe OMDM, Barnard JS, et al.

Volume: 138, Pages range: 198-211
Size-dependent fracture toughness of tungsten (2017)
Ast J, Göken M, Durst K

Volume: 106, Pages range: 304-312
Diffusion of solutes in fcc Cobalt investigated by diffusion couples and first principles kinetic Monte Carlo (2016)
Neumeier S, Rehman HU, Neuner J, et al.

Volume: 120, Pages range: 150-158
Enhanced fatigue lives in AA1050A/AA5005 laminated metal composites produced by accumulative roll bonding (2016)
Kümmel F, Hausöl T, Höppel HW, et al.

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