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Verlag: Elsevier


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Band: 162, Seitenbereich: 277-283
Influence of metal/semiconductor interface on attainable piezoelectric and energy harvesting properties of ZnO (2019)
Novak N, Keil P, Froemling T, et al.

Band: 174, Seitenbereich: 369-378
Temperature dependent fracture toughness of KNN-based lead-free piezoelectric ceramics (2019)
Li Y, Liu Y, Öchsner PE, et al.

Band: 166, Seitenbereich: 168-177
Ultrahigh-strength low carbon steel obtained from the martensitic state via high pressure torsion (2019)
Mueller T, Kapp MW, Bachmaier A, et al.

Band: 152, Seitenbereich: 119-126
3D multi-layer grain structure simulation of powder bed fusion additive manufacturing (2018)
Köpf J, Gotterbarm M, Markl M, et al.

Band: 148, Seitenbereich: 432-441
Investigation of residual stress in lead-free BNT-based ceramic/ceramic composites (2018)
Ayrikyan A, Prach O, Khansur NH, et al.

Seitenbereich: 247-254
On the grain boundary strengthening effect of boron in γ/γ′ Cobalt-base superalloys (2018)
Kolb M, Freund L, Fischer F, et al.

Band: 135, Seitenbereich: 244-251
A novel type of Co-Ti-Cr-base gamma/gamma ' superalloys with low mass density (2017)
Zenk C, Povstugar I, Li R, et al.

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