Computational Materials Science

Journal Abbreviation: COMP MATER SCI
ISSN: 0927-0256
Publisher: Elsevier


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Volume: 160, Pages range: 287-294
On the influence of the compliant electrodes on the mechanical behavior of VHB 4905 (2019)
Mehnert M, Steinmann P

Volume: 135, Pages range: 181-188
Nanoscratching of iron: A novel approach to characterize dislocation microstructures (2017)
Gunkelmann N, Alhafez IA, Steinberger D, et al.

Volume: 82, Pages range: 399-404
Molecular-dynamics study of the alpha <-> gamma phase transition in Fe-C (2014)
Gunkelmann N, Wang B, Sak-Saracino E, et al.

Volume: 69, Pages range: 510-519
On molecular static and surface-enhanced continuum modeling of nano-structures (2013)
Davydov D, Javili A, Steinmann P

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