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Band: 576
ANTARES constrains a blazar origin of two IceCube PeV neutrino events (2015)
Adrian-Martinez S, Albert A, Andre M, et al.

Band: 578
An X-ray variable absorber within the broad line region in Fairall 51 (2015)
Svoboda J, Beuchert T, Guainazzi M, et al.

Band: 574
Redshifted Fe K alpha line from the unusual gamma-ray source PMN J1603-4904 (2015)
Mueller C, Krauss F, Dauser T, et al.

Band: 578
Short-period X-ray oscillations in super-soft novae and persistent super-soft sources (2015)
Ness JU, Beardmore AP, Osborne JP, et al.

Band: 562
HESS J1818-154, a new composite supernova remnant discovered in TeV gamma rays and X-rays (2014)
Abramowski A, Aharonian F, Benkhali FA, et al.

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