Energy Procedia

ISSN: 1876-6102
Publisher: Elsevier BV


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Volume: 120, Pages range: 431-438
Combustion of solid fuel in a hybrid porous reactor (2017)
Jovicic V, Fedorova N, Zbogar-Rasic A, et al.

Volume: 125, Pages range: 511-519
EU project "cheap-GSHPs": The geoexchange field laboratory (2017)
Dalla Santa G, Bernini M, Müller J, et al.

Volume: 66, Pages range: 129-132
Flame temperature measurements by time-domain based supercontinuum absorption spectroscopy (2015)
Werblinski T, Mittmann F, Altenhoff M, et al.

Volume: 66, Pages range: 77-80
The Effect of Ethanol Blending on Combustion and Soot Formation in an Optical DISI Engine Using High-Speed Imaging (2015)
Erdenkäufer S, Will S, Wensing M, et al.

Volume: 84, Pages range: 236-241
Towards the growth of SiGeC epitaxial layers for the application in Si solar cells (2015)
Wilhelm M, Beck F, Wellmann P

Volume: 40, Pages range: 87-94
Rock Thermal Conductivity as Key Parameter for Geothermal Numerical Models (2013)
Di Sipio E, Chiesa S, Destro E, et al.

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