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Verlag: Elsevier


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Band: 233-234, Seitenbereich: 1078 - 1093
Economic comparison of different electric fuels for energy scenarios in 2035 (2019)
Runge P, Sölch C, Albert J, et al.

Heftnummer: 209, Seitenbereich: 426-434
Analysis of ethanol and butanol DISI sprays using two-phase SLIPI droplet sizing (2018)
Kögl M, Hofbeck B, Will S, et al.

Band: 232, Seitenbereich: 572-582
Anode recirculation and purge strategies for PEM fuel cell operation with diluted hydrogen feed gas (2018)
Steinberger M, Geiling J, Oechsner R, et al.

Band: 200, Seitenbereich: 290-302
Seasonal storage and alternative carriers: A flexible hydrogen supply chain model (2017)
Reuß M, Grube T, Robinius M, et al.

Band: 156, Seitenbereich: 783-792
The effect of ethanol blending on mixture formation, combustion and soot emission studied in an optical DISI engine (2015)
Storch M, Hinrichsen F, Wensing M, et al.

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