Chemical Physics

Journal Abbreviation: CHEM PHYS
ISSN: 0301-0104
Publisher: Elsevier


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Volume: 482, Pages range: 124-134
An analysis of nonadiabatic ring-polymer molecular dynamics and its application to vibronic spectra (2017)
Richardson J, Meyer P, Pleinert MO, et al.

Volume: 418, Pages range: 65-73
Simulations of the polarisation-dependent Raman intensity of beta-carotene in photosystem II crystals (2013)
Brose K, Zouni A, Mueh F, et al.

Journal issue: 12, Volume: 137
Progressive transformations of silica glass upon densification (2012)
Sonneville C, Mermet A, Champagnon B, et al.

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 393, Pages range: 65-73
Synthesis and photophysics of a novel photocatalyst for hydrogen production based on a tetrapyridoacridine bridging ligand (2012)
Karnahl M, Kuhnt C, Heinemann F, et al.

Volume: 375, Pages range: 600-605
Force statistics and correlations in dense granular packings (2010)
Müller MK, Luding S, Pöschel T

Journal issue: 1-3, Volume: 351, Pages range: 170-170
New sources and instrumentation for neutrons in biology (2008)
Teixeira SCM, Zaccai G, Ankner J, et al.

Volume: 325, Pages range: 509-518
Femtosecond spectroscopic study of carminic acid-DNA interactions (2006)
Gabel LB, Kryschi C, Rusu CF

Volume: 325, Pages range: 397-403
Photophysical studies of six amphiphilic 2:1 cyclodextrin:[60]fullerene derivatives (2006)
Quaranta A, Zhang Y, Filippone S, et al.

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 301, Pages range: 27-31
Photophysical properties of fullerene-dendron-pyropheophorbide supramolecules (2004)
Ermilov E, Al-Omari S, Helmreich M, et al.

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