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Band: 177, Seitenbereich: 487-502
Regionally Differentiated Network Fees to Affect Incentives for Generation Investment (2019)
Grimm V, Rückel B, Sölch C, et al.

Band: 149, Seitenbereich: 762-778
A spatial electricity market model for the power system: The Kazakhstan case study (2018)
Assembayeva M, Egerer J, Mendelevitch R, et al.

Band: 135, Seitenbereich: 227-236
Temperature independent description of water adsorption on zeotypes showing a type V adsorption isotherm (2017)
Kohler T, Hinze M, Müller K, et al.

Band: 118, Seitenbereich: 1123-1130
Integration of a LOHC storage into a heat-controlled CHP system (2016)
Haupt A, Müller K

Band: 88, Seitenbereich: 489-496
Thermodynamic analysis of chemical heat pumps (2015)
Obermeier J, Müller K, Arlt W

Band: 71, Seitenbereich: 226-244
Modelling vSGPs (very shallow geothermal potentials) in selected CSAs (case study areas). (2014)
Bertermann D, Klug H, Morper-Busch L, et al.

Heftnummer: 1, Band: 45, Seitenbereich: 183-194
An evaluation of Substitute natural gas production from different coal gasification processes based on modeling (2012)
Karellas S, Panopoulos KD, Panousis G, et al.

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