Psychology Science

ISSN: 1614-9947
Publisher: Pabst Science Publishers


Journal issue: 3/4, Volume: 47, Pages range: 467-478
Child problem behavior in kindergarten and in primary school: A comparison between configural frequency analysis and logistic regression (2005)
Stemmler MK, Lösel F, Beelmann A, et al.

Journal issue: 3/4, Volume: 47, Pages range: 447-466
The detection of types among decathletes using configural frequency analysis (CFA) (2005)
Stemmler MK, Bäumler G

Volume: 45, Pages range: 208-216
Nonparametric testing of improvement scores in a two sample prepost design (2004)
Stemmler M, Bingham CR

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 45, Pages range: 421-429
Log-linear modeling and two-sample CFA in the search of discrimination types (2003)
Stemmler MK, Bingham CR, Stemmler M

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