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Volume: 17, Pages range: 1-27
Bounds on size-dependent behavior of composites (2017)
Saeb S, Steinmann P, Javili A

Volume: 95, Pages range: 3696-3711
In situ study of microstructure and strength of severely predeformed pure Cu in deformation at 573K (2015)
Blum W, Dvorak J, Kral P, et al.

Journal issue: 16-18, Volume: 95, Pages range: 1766-1779
Microstructure-dependent deformation behaviour of bcc-metals - indentation size effect and strain rate sensitivity (2015)
Maier V, Schunk C, Göken M, et al.

Journal issue: 28-30, Volume: 95, Pages range: 3244–3256
Secondary instabilities modulate cortical complexity in the mammalian brain (2015)
Budday S, Steinmann P, Kuhl E

Journal issue: 20, Volume: 93, Pages range: 2630-2653
Finite element simulation of the magneto-mechanical response of a magnetic shape memory alloy sample (2013)
Wang J, Steinmann P

Journal issue: 31-33, Volume: 93, Pages range: 3993-4017
Set Voronoi diagrams of 3D assemblies of aspherical particles (2013)
Schaller FM, Kapfer SC, Evans M, et al.

Journal issue: 28-30, Volume: 92, Pages range: 3540-3563
Relationships between the admissible range of surface material parameters and stability of linearly elastic bodies (2012)
Javili A, McBride A, Steinmann P, et al.

Volume: 88, Pages range: 3603-3631
Computational Homogenisation of Material Layers with Micromorphic Mesostructure (2008)
Hirschberger CB, Sukumar N, Steinmann P

Journal issue: 13-15, Volume: 88, Pages range: 1959-1965
Stability of the decagonal quasicrystal in the Lennard-Jones-Gauss system (2008)
Engel M, Trebin HR

Journal issue: 4, Volume: 88, Pages range: 507-521
Structural variations in epsilon-type Al-Pd-(Mn, Fe) complex metallic alloy phases (2008)
Engel M, Trebin HR, Heggen M, et al.

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