Physiology & behavior

Journal Abbreviation: PHYSIOL BEHAV
ISSN: 0031-9384
Publisher: Elsevier


Volume: 199, Pages range: 11-19
Effects of blue- and red-enriched light on attention and sleep in typically developing adolescents (2019)
Studer P, Brucker JM, Haag C, et al.

Volume: 199, Pages range: 88-99
The odour of human milk: Its chemical variability and detection by newborns (2019)
Loos H, Schaal B, Reger D

Volume: 139, Pages range: 369-74
Inverse effects of lipopolysaccharides on anxiety in pregnant mice and their offspring (2015)
Solati J, Kleehaupt E, Kratz O, et al.

Volume: 110, Pages range: 3-5
Size of nostril opening as a measure of intranasal volume (2013)
Schriever VA, Hummel T, Lundstrom JN, et al.

Journal issue: 90, Pages range: 496-505
Basal testosterone moderates responses to anger faces in humans (2007)
Schultheiss O, Wirth MM

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