ISSN: 1949-2553
Publisher: Impact Journals


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Journal issue: 16, Volume: 6, Pages range: 14399-412
The EMT-activator ZEB1 induces bone metastasis associated genes including BMP-inhibitors (2015)
Mock K, Preca BT, Brummer T, et al.

Journal issue: 10, Volume: 6, Pages range: 7390-407
The SNP rs6500843 in 16p13.3 is associated with survival specifically among chemotherapy-treated breast cancer patients (2015)
Fagerholm R, Schmidt MK, Khan S, et al.

Journal issue: 29, Volume: 6, Pages range: 27083-96
The ZEB1/miR-200c feedback loop regulates invasion via actin interacting proteins MYLK and TKS5 (2015)
Sundararajan V, Gengenbacher N, Stemmler M, et al.

Journal issue: 14, Volume: 5, Pages range: 5284-94
Circulating miR-148b and miR-133a as biomarkers for breast cancer detection (2014)
Shen J, Hu Q, Schrauder M, et al.

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