Journal of psychosomatic research

Abkürzung der Fachzeitschrift: J PSYCHOSOM RES
ISSN: 0022-3999
Verlag: Elsevier


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Seitenbereich: 109-109
Posttraumatic stress and motivators of refugee aid volunteers and fulltime employees (2019)
Georgiadou E, Grimm T, Erim Y

Band: 122, Seitenbereich: 36-38
Posttraumatic stress disorder in patients after transient ischemic attack: A one-year follow-up (2019)
Utz KS, Kiphuth IC, Schenk T

Band: 107, Seitenbereich: 26-32
Mental health assessment of altruistic non-directed kidney donors: An EAPM consensus statement. (2018)
Potts S, Vitinius F, Erim Y, et al.

Band: 101, Seitenbereich: 114-121
Negative affect as mediator between emotion regulation and medically unexplained symptoms (2017)
Schwarz J, Rief W, Radkovsky A, et al.

Band: 96, Seitenbereich: 1-9
Somatization among persons with Turkish origin: Results of the pretest of the German National Cohort Study (2017)
Morawa E, Dragano N, Jeockel KH, et al.

Band: 92, Seitenbereich: 26-33
Visual selective attention in body dysmorphic disorder, bulimia nervosa and healthy controls (2017)
Kollei I, Horndasch S, Erim Y, et al.

Heftnummer: 3, Band: 78, Seitenbereich: 223-7
Classification of body dysmorphic disorder - What is the advantage of the new DSM-5 criteria? (2015)
Schieber K, Kollei I, De Zwaan M, et al.

Heftnummer: 5, Band: 79, Seitenbereich: 364-71
Physician reported adherence to immunosuppressants in renal transplant patients: Prevalence, agreement, and correlates (2015)
Pabst S, Bertram A, Zimmermann T, et al.

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