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Polarization analysis of <(p)over bar> produced in pA collisions (2019)
Grzonka D, Alfs D, Asaturyan A, et al.

Volume: 140
Barchan dunes on Pluto? (2017)
Ribeiro Parteli EJ, Pöschel T

Volume: 140
Homogenization of granular pipe flow by means of helical inner-wall texture (2017)
Verbücheln F, Ribeiro Parteli EJ, Pöschel T

Volume: 140
Microgravity spreading of water spheres on Hydrophobic capillary plates (2017)
Steub L, Kollmer J, Paxson D, et al.

Volume: 140
Vertical motion of particles in vibration-induced granular capillarity (2017)
Fan F, Liu J, Ribeiro Parteli EJ, et al.

Volume: 64
Luminosity dependent accretion state change in GRO J1008-57 (2014)
Kühnel M, Müller S, Kreykenbohm I, et al.

Volume: 64
Simulation of cyclotron resonant scattering features The effect of bulk velocity (2014)
Schwarm FW, Schoenherr G, Kühnel M, et al.

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