German Economic Review

Journal Abbreviation: GER ECON REV
ISSN: 1465-6485
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell: No OnlineOpen


Journal issue: 3, Volume: 15, Pages range: 329-352
Fixing the leak: Unemployment incidence before and after the 2006 reform of unemployment benefits in Germany (2014)
Dlugosz S, Stephan G, Wilke R

Journal issue: 4, Volume: 8, Pages range: 536-560
Labor Market Effects of Economic Integration - The Impact of Re-Unification in German Border Regions (2007)
Büttner T, Rincke J

Volume: 4, Pages range: 203-216
Income Splitting - Is it good for both partners in the marriage? (2003)
Wrede M

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