Journal Abbreviation: ORGANOMETALLICS
ISSN: 0276-7333
Publisher: American Chemical Society


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Journal issue: 14, Volume: 38, Pages range: 2824-2833
Dipyrromethene and beta-Diketinninate Zinc Hydride Complexes: Resemblances and Differences (2019)
Ballmann G, Grams S, Elsen H, et al.

Journal issue: 12, Volume: 38, Pages range: 2485-2493
Heteroleptic Heavier Alkaline Earth Metal Amide Complexes Stabilized by a Superbulky β-Diketiminate Ligand (2019)
Gentner T, Rösch B, Thum K, et al.

Journal issue: 6, Volume: 38, Pages range: 1181-1185
Organometallic Electrochemistry: Redox Catalysis Going the Smart Way (2019)
Werle C, Meyer K

Journal issue: 21, Volume: 37, Pages range: 3983-3992
Developing Chiral Dibenzazepine-Based S(O)-Alkene Hybrid Ligands for Rh(I) Complexation: Catalysts for the Base-Free Hayashi-Miyaura Reaction (2018)
Chelouan A, Bao S, Frieß S, et al.

Journal issue: 3, Volume: 37, Pages range: 275-289
Pushing Electrons - Which Carbene Ligand for Which Application? (2018)
Munz D

Journal issue: 3, Volume: 36, Pages range: 714-720
Developing P-Stereogenic, Planar Chiral P-Alkene Ligands: Monodentate, Bidentate, and Double Agostic Coordination Modes on Ru(II) (2017)
Herrera AC, Grasruck A, Heinemann F, et al.

Journal issue: 22, Volume: 36, Pages range: 4351-4354
Formation of a Uranium-Bound eta(1)-Cyaphide (CP-) Ligand via Activation and C-O Bond Cleavage of Phosphaethynolate (OCP-) (2017)
Hörger C, Heinemann F, Louyriac E, et al.

Journal issue: 9, Volume: 36, Pages range: 1860-1866
s-Block Metal Dibenzoazepinate Complexes: Evidence for Mg-Alkene Encapsulation (2017)
Freitag B, Elsen H, Pahl J, et al.

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 35, Pages range: 207-217
A Frustrated Lewis Pair Based on a Cationic Aluminum Complex and Triphenylphosphine (2016)
Stennett T, Pahl J, Zijlstra H, et al.

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