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Abkürzung der Fachzeitschrift: AM MINERAL
ISSN: 0003-004X
Verlag: Mineralogical Society of America


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Heftnummer: 3, Band: 103, Seitenbereich: 350-354
Biodegradabiliy of spherical mesoporous silica particles (MCM-41) in simulated body fluid (SBF) (2018)
Boccardi E, Philippart A, Beltran AM, et al.

Heftnummer: 5, Band: 102, Seitenbereich: 975-986
Water transport by subduction: Clues from garnet of Erzgebirge UHP eclogite (2017)
Gose J, Schmädicke E

Heftnummer: 5-6, Band: 101, Seitenbereich: 1232-1235
Ca neighbors from XANES spectroscopy: A tool to investigate structure, redox, and nucleation processes in silicate glasses, melts, and crystals (2016)
Cicconi MR, de Ligny D, Gallo TM, et al.

Heftnummer: 10, Band: 98, Seitenbereich: 1870-1880
Olivine from spinel peridotite xenoliths: Hydroxyl incorporation and mineral composition (2012)
Schmädicke E

Heftnummer: 96 (7), Seitenbereich: 1028-1038
Magnesium quantification in calcites (Ca,Mg)CO_3_ by Rietveld-based XRD analysis: Revisiting a well-established method (2011)
Titschack J, Götz-Neunhoeffer F, Neubauer J

Heftnummer: 4, Band: 95, Seitenbereich: 449-455
Cathodoluminescence microscopy and spectroscopy of synthetic ruby crystals grown by the optical floating zone technique (2010)
Guguschev C, Goetze J, Göbbels M

Heftnummer: 1, Band: 93, Seitenbereich: 228-234
Environments around Al, Si, and Ca in aluminate and aluminosilicate melts by X-ray absorption spectroscopy at high temperature (2008)
Neuville DR, Cormier L, de Ligny D, et al.

Heftnummer: 93, Band: 93, Seitenbereich: 1613-1619
Water in natural olivine - determined by proton-proton scattering analysis. (2008)
Gose J, Reichart P, Dollinger G, et al.

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