Advanced Engineering Materials

Journal Abbreviation: ADV ENG MATER
ISSN: 1438-1656
Publisher: Wiley-VCH Verlag


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Journal issue: 10, Volume: 4, Pages range: 765-769
Modeling of metal foaming with lattice Boltzmann automata (2002)
Körner C, Thies M, Singer R

Volume: 2, Pages range: 327-337
Carbon Long Fiber Reinforced Magnesium Alloys (2000)
Körner C, Schäff W, Ottmüller M, et al.

Journal issue: 06, Volume: 2, Pages range: 369-374
Graphite interlayer formation during CVD diamond coating of iron base alloys: The analogy to metal dusting (2000)
Jentsch HG, Rosenbauer G, Rosiwal S, et al.

Volume: 2, Pages range: 159-165
Processing of Metal Foams - Challenges and Opportunities (2000)
Körner C, Singer R

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