Kunststoffe International

ISSN: 1862-4243
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co.


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Journal issue: 3, Volume: 101, Pages range: 69-73
Hollow Composite Structures One-a-minute (2011)
Drummer D, Müller T, Hoffmann L, et al.

Journal issue: 7, Volume: 101, Pages range: 50-53
Optimization Strategies for Micro Parts (2011)
Jungmeier A, Drummer D

Journal issue: 4, Volume: 101, Pages range: 25-27
Process optimization: Alternating temperature technology controls parts properties (2011)
Drummer D, Gruber K, Meister S

Journal issue: 11, Volume: 100, Pages range: 49
Irradiation Opens up Third Film Dimension (2010)
Drummer D, Seefried A, Fuchs M

Pages range: 26-30
Outer Body Skin with an Integrated Antenna (2007)
Fuchs M, Kilian A, Brocka Z, et al.

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