Journal Abbreviation: FINANZARCHIV
ISSN: 0015-2218
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck


Journal issue: 1, Volume: 75, Pages range: 39-58
Legend of the Pork Barrel? The Causal Effect of Legislature Size on Public Spending (2019)
Holzmann C, Zaddach J

Journal issue: 67, Pages range: 103-122
Tax Status and Tax Response Heterogeneity of Multinationals' Debt Finance (2011)
Büttner T, Overesch M, Wamser G

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 55, Pages range: 163-185
Immigrant Participation in the German Welfare Program (1998)
Riphahn RT

Volume: 51, Pages range: 488-516
Tax Competition, Locational Choice, and Market Power (1994)
Wrede M

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