ISSN: 2073-4360
Publisher: MDPI


Journal issue: 168, Volume: 10
Crystallization Kinetics of Polyamide 12 during Selective Laser Sintering (2018)
Zhao M, Wudy K, Drummer D

Journal issue: 7, Volume: 10
Modeling of Laser Beam Absorption in a Polymer Powder Bed (2018)
Osmanlic F, Wudy K, Laumer T, et al.

Journal issue: 10, Volume: 10
Soy Protein-based composite hydrogels: Physico-chemical characterization and in vitro cytocompatibility (2018)
Tansaz S, Singh R, Cicha I, et al.

Journal issue: 661, Volume: 10
Tensile Creep Behavior of Quasi-Unidirectional E-Glass Fabric Reinforced Polypropylene Composite (2018)
Zhai Z, Jiang By, Drummer D

Journal issue: 10, Volume: 9
Incorporation of calcium containing mesoporous (MCM-41-type) particles in electrospun PCL fibers by using benign solvents (2017)
Liverani L, Boccardi E, Maria Beltran A, et al.

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