Procedia CIRP

ISSN: 2212-8271
Publisher: Curran


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Volume: 79, Pages range: 649-654
4.0 in metal forming - Questions and challenges (2019)
Hagenah H, Schulte RK, Vogel M, et al.

Volume: 81, Pages range: 1325-1330
Advances in energy-related plant simulation by considering load and temperature profiles in discrete event simulation (2019)
Mayr A, Lechler T, Donhauser T, et al.

Volume: 84, Pages range: 61-67
Facilitating collaborative design: a toolkit for integrating persuasive technologies in design activities (2019)
Jalowski M, Fritzsche A, Möslein K

Volume: 84, Pages range: 892-895
Intuitive Interaction with Virtual Commissioning of Production Systems for Design Validation (2019)
Metzner M, Krieg L, Merhof J, et al.

Volume: 81, Pages range: 541-546
Platform-based service composition for manufacturing: A conceptualization (2019)
Fuchs J, Oks SJ, Franke J

Volume: 81, Pages range: 1125–1130
Virtual Commissioning – Scientific review and exploratory use cases in advanced production systems (2019)
Lechler T, Fischer E, Metzner M, et al.

Pages range: 8-12
An analysis of the effect of gravitational load on the energy consumption of industrial robots (2018)
Sinaga N, Paryanto P, Widyanto SA, et al.

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