Journal for labour market research

ISSN: 1614-3485
Publisher: Springer


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Volume: 48, Pages range: 271-286
Can working conditions explain the return-to-entrepreneurship puzzle? (2015)
Lechmann D

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 47, Pages range: 83-106
Employment Adjustment in German Firms (2014)
Jung S

Journal issue: 1-2, Volume: 47, Pages range: 129-142
Firm Leadership and the Gender Pay Gap: Do Active Owners Discriminate more than Hired Managers? (2014)
Hirsch B, Müller S

Volume: 46, Pages range: 273-274
Introduction - Journal for labour market research: special issue PASS (2013)
Riphahn RT, Hinz T, Trappmann M, et al.

Journal issue: 4, Volume: 46, Pages range: 321-333
Poverty and the social participation of young people—an analysis of poverty-related withdrawal mechanisms (2013)
Damelang A, Kloß G

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 46, Pages range: 103-118
The Effect of Housework on Wages in Germany: No Impact at All (2013)
Hirsch B, Konietzko T

Volume: 46, Pages range: 283 - 305
Unemployment and Willingness to Accept Job Offers: Initial Results of a Factorial Survey Approach (2013)
Abraham M, Auspurg K, Bähr S, et al.

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