Physics Letters A

Journal Abbreviation: PHYS LETT A
ISSN: 0375-9601
Publisher: Elsevier


Volume: 377, Pages range: 2052-2057
Competition between unlimited and limited energy growth in a two-dimensional time-dependent billiard (2013)
Fregolente Mendes de Oliveira D, Pöschel T

Volume: 376, Pages range: 3630-3637
Dynamical properties for the problem of a particle in an electric field of wave packet: Low velocity and relativistic approach (2012)
Fregolente Mendes de Oliveira D, Leonel ED

Journal issue: 30-31, Volume: 376, Pages range: 2109--2116
Intricate routes to chaos in the Mackey-Glass delayed feedback system (2012)
Gallas JA, Gallas J, Junges L

Journal issue: 46, Volume: 376, Pages range: 3479-3484
Phase-dependent which-way information (2012)
Schilling U, von Zanthier J

Journal issue: 34, Volume: 374, Pages range: 3405-3409
Creating path entanglement and violating Bell inequalities by independent photon sources (2010)
Wiegner R, Thiel C, von Zanthier J, et al.

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