Powder Technology

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Band: 327, Seitenbereich: 346-357
Dynamics of fine grinding in a fluidized bed opposed jet mill (2018)
Köninger B, Hensler T, Romeis S, et al.

Band: 339, Seitenbereich: 264-272
Quantitative evaluation of nanoparticle classification by size-exclusion chromatography (2018)
Süß S, Metzger C, Damm C, et al.

Band: 325, Seitenbereich: 490-497
Treatment of polymer powders by combining an atmospheric plasma jet and a fluidized bed reactor (2018)
Sachs M, Schmidt J, Peukert W, et al.

Characterization of a downer reactor for particle rounding (2016)
Sachs M, Friedle M, Schmidt J, et al.

Band: 288, Seitenbereich: 96-102
Particle-based simulation of powder application in additive manufacturing (2016)
Ribeiro Parteli EJ, Pöschel T

Band: 279, Seitenbereich: 113-122
Positron emission particle tracking in fluidized beds with secondary gas injection (2015)
Hensler T, Tupy M, Strer T, et al.

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