Journal Abbreviation: CHEMCATCHEM
ISSN: 1867-3880
Publisher: Wiley-VCH Verlag


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Journal issue: 1, Volume: 7, Pages range: 127-136
A Rhodium Triphenylphosphine Catalyst for Alkene Hydrogenation Supported on Neat Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (2015)
Dehe D, Wang L, Mueller MK, et al.

Volume: 7, Pages range: 2455-2459
Engineering Nanoporous Iron(III) Oxide into an Effective Water Oxidation Electrode (2015)
Haschke S, Wu Y, Bashouti M, et al.

Volume: 7, Pages range: 766-775
Highly Effective Pt-Based Water-Gas Shift Catalysts by Surface Modification with Alkali Hydroxide Salts (2015)
Kusche MM, Bustillo K, Agel F, et al.

Volume: 7, Pages range: 1018-1022
Nanostructured Encapsulated Catalysts for Combination of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis and Hydroprocessing (2015)
Kruse N, Machoke A, Schwieger W, et al.

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 6, Pages range: 162-169
Ethylene to 2-butene in a continuous gas phase reaction using silp-type cationic nickel catalysts (2014)
Scholz J, Hager V, Wang X, et al.

Journal issue: 11, Volume: 6, Pages range: 3110-3115-3115
Evidence of Intracrystalline Mesostructured Porosity in Zeolites by Advanced Gas Sorption, Electron Tomography and Rotation Electron Diffraction. (2014)
Garcia-Martinez J, Xiao C, Cychosz KA, et al.

Journal issue: 5, Volume: 6, Pages range: 1324-1332
Michael addition of N-unprotected 2-oxindoles to nitrostyrene catalyzed by bifunctional tertiary amines: Crucial role of dispersion interactions (2014)
Reiter C, Lopez-Molina S, Schmid B, et al.

Journal issue: 3, Volume: 5, Pages range: 641-650
Chemical and (Photo)-Catalytical Transformations in Photonic Crystal Fibers (2013)
Schmidt M, Cubillas AM, Taccardi N, et al.

Journal issue: 3, Volume: 4, Pages range: 395-400
Covalent Immobilization of Imidazolium Cations Inside a Silica Support: Palladium-Catalyzed Olefin Hydrogenation (2012)
Wang L, Shylesh S, Dehe D, et al.

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