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Journal issue: 4, Volume: 139, Pages range: 260-275
High-resolution seismic imaging of Paleozoic rocks in the Mora area, Siljan Ring structure, central Sweden (2017)
Muhamad H, Juhlin C, Sopher D, et al.

Journal issue: 3, Volume: 138, Pages range: 424-429
First report of Archaeoscyphia rectilinearis (Porifera) from the Wenlock of Gotland, Sweden (2016)
Rhebergen F, Munnecke A, Jarochowska E

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 136, Pages range: 120-124
An unusual microbial-rostroconch assemblage from the Mulde Event (Homerian, middle Silurian) in Podolia, Western Ukraine (2014)
Jarochowska E, Munnecke A, Kozłowski W

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 136, Pages range: 75-79
Gypsum evaporites in a patch reef of the upper Slite Group in the Silurian (Wenlock) of Gotland, Sweden (2014)
Färber C, Munnecke A

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 136, Pages range: 229-233
Possible oceanic circulation patterns, surface water currents and upwelling zones in the Early Palaeozoic (2014)
Servais T, Danelian T, Harper DA, et al.

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