Physics Procedia

ISSN: 1875-3892
Publisher: Elsevier BV


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Volume: 83, Pages range: 991-1002
Selective Laser Sintering of Filled Polymer Systems: Bulk and Laser Beam Interaction (2016)
Wudy K, Lanzl L, Drummer D

Volume: 78, Pages range: 328-336
Selective Laser Melting of Polymer Powder - Part Mechanics as Function of Exposure Speed (2015)
Drexler M, Lexow M, Drummer D

Volume: 56, Pages range: 1268--1276
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Gas Dynamics in the Keyhole During Laser Metal Welding (2014)
Tenner F, Brock C, Gürtler FJ, et al.

Volume: 56, Pages range: 184-192
Impact of Heating Rate During Exposure of Laser Molten Parts on the Processing Window of PA12 Powder (2014)
Drummer D, Drexler M, Wudy K

Volume: 56, Pages range: 1400-1409
Influence of Pre-straining and Heat Treatment on the Yield Surface of Precipitation Hardenable Aluminum Alloys (2014)
Lechner M, Johannes M, Kuppert A, et al.

Volume: 56, Pages range: 709-719
Influences of Nozzle Material on Laser Droplet Brazing Joints with Cu89Sn11 Preforms (2014)
Stein S, Heberle J, Gürtler FJ, et al.

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