D Catalytic Materials

Exzellenz-Cluster Engineering of Advanced Materials

FAU Contact:
Wasserscheid, Peter Prof. Dr.


New and more efficient catalytic materials

Combination of highest selectivity and reactivity with robustness, synthetic availability, and ease of processing

Research Area D deals with the development of advanced catalytic
materials focusing on three demonstrator applications in selective C-
C-coupling and C-C-cleavage reactions. For these applications, the full
research chain from the design of individual catalytic centers on the
molecular level to an almost technical, pilot-plant scenario is
established, including material design, characterization, synthesis, and
production as well as reaction engineering studies up to pilot-plant

  • Hierarchical, acidic materials
    displaying a “Lotus flower effect” for catalytic cracking applications
    (designer surface structures to influence coke formation processes)
  • Hierarchical
    catalytic materials displaying multi-functionality and
    surface-structure-induced selectivity pattern in C-C-couplings are
    designed, synthesized, and tested in continuous miniplants (combining
    complementary catalytic functionalities at the nanoscale with a maximum
    degree of structural control to influence the regioselectivity in
    oligomerisation reaction of alkenes)
  • Catalyst deposition and
    immobilization on photonic crystal fibres (PCFs) developed in Research
    Area C. Bundles of these catalytic optical fibers/catalysts assembly are
    integrated as a new type of optical minireactor.

Assigned publications

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