A2 Nanoanalysis and Microscopy

Exzellenz-Cluster Engineering of Advanced Materials

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Spiecker, Erdmann Prof. Dr.


Advanced methods for the analysis of materials and devices down to the atomic scale

Particles, structures, and new materials are characterized on all length scales

Microscopic and analytical characterization methods on all length
scales are of utmost importance for the design of new engineering
materials in the Cluster of Excellence. The Research Area A2 supports
the design of materials by in-situ investigation of local properties on
length scales ranging from the atomic to the meso-scale. Materials,
particles, and systems are studied down to the molecular and atomic
level including 3D characterization. The activities of Research Area A2
focus on three complementary fields, which closely work together:

  • Transmission
    electron microscopy: Atomic-scale analysis of materials, particles and
    interfaces by aberration-corrected HRTEM using the newly installed
    Titan3 80-300 microscope; local chemical analysis based on
    high-resolution analytical techniques including EDS, EELS and EFTEM; 3D
    characterization of nanostructures and nanocomposites by electron
    tomography; investigation of local properties of materials by in-situ
    mechanical and electrical testing in the transmission electron
  • Diffraction and spectroscopy: X-ray and
    neutron-diffraction methods (WAXS, SAXS, GIXS), including synchrotron
    light to study the microstructure and properties of surfaces and
    catalysts and the hierarchical architecture and internal stresses of
    complex multiphase materials; small-angle X-ray scattering as ideal tool
    for studying structures and particles in the size range typically
    between 1 and 100 nanometers
  • Surface analysis, scanning probe
    techniques (including scanning electron/ion beam techniques) and surface
    characterization: structural and analytical analysis of surfaces;
    property measurements on nanoscale level to optimize the materials and
    structures; three-dimensional characterization of microstructures and
    cross-sections of coatings and particles.

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