A1 Functional Particle Systems

Exzellenz-Cluster Engineering of Advanced Materials

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Peukert, Wolfgang Prof. Dr.-Ing.


Innovative methods for particle formation, formulation and characterization

Development of tailored metallic, semiconducting or insulating particles using highly optimized bottom-up or top-down processes

Properties of particulate systems can be tailored for size, shape,
morphology and surface, and their respective distributions. Tailoring
the related formulation techniques (for example, stabilization,
dispersion, suspension rheology, separation/classification, granulation)
is inadequately understood but of utmost importance to
particulate-based nanotechnology. The integration of the building blocks
by tailoring their microscopic interactions into meso- and macro-scale
structures defines to a large extent the multifunctional properties of
the devices (product engineering). The following processes and
technologies are developed:

  • New methods
    for shape- and size-controlled particle formation, including structured
    particles by spray pyrolysis for catalytic and photonic applications
    (the droplet as a microreactor), oxidation-stabilized metallic and
    non-oxide nanoparticles, shape control by template-based methods (for
    example, in ionic liquids, liquid crystalline phases and emulsions) and
  • Scale-up and optimization of these methods
  • Separation and classification techniques for nanoparticles based on careful control of particle interactions
  • Tailoring structure formation processes by means of microscopic control of the particulate interfaces
  • In-line analysis techniques for particle size (e.g. SAXS) and particle interactions (e.g. non-linear optics)

Assigned publications

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